O Venture – silicone key ring (15 colours)


With everything women have to handle every day, we think one of them should be the velvety soft,  all-weather, multi-stylin, all everything Big O silicone key ring. Get it for the look. Keep it for the feels.

The original, one-and-only Big O Key Ring in Silicone

  • Non-toxic, smooth silicone circle key ring
  • Stain resistant, water-proof
  • 3.75 inches in diameter
  • Oversized bracelet key ring fits over your wrist or above your elbow
  • Signature locking clasp securely holds keys and essentials
  • Perfect for beach, pool and workout
  • Patented O ring design
  • Each marble Big O Key Ring has its own unique pattern, so no two are exactly the same

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