RD Style - Sarah cardigan (natural)

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We're not entirely sure if this trying to be camo or cow print, but either way, we're obsessed! The neutral colour scheme of this cardigan gives it the versatility we love in our knit-wear, and the contrasting solid seams ground the unique pattern. Soft, thick, and absolutely adorable. A must have in our books!

From the RD Style Conscious line, this sweater is made of partially recycled material.

30% recycled polyester, 46% polyester, 21% acrylic, 3% spandex

Fit is true to size

Measurements for Medium:

- Shoulder: 16 in across

- Chest: 42 in around

- Waist: 42 in around

- Hips: 42 in around

- Length: 41.5 in

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