How to bet on sports?

How to bet on sports?

So let’s start with. First of all, I have to explain you the theory of rates, so most of the article will be devoted to it. Get ready, now I will be the basic bookmaker terms and their interpretation with examples and remarks.

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General terms

Line – a list of events and their outcomes with odds of gain offered by the bookmaker office for bets.
A bet is the money that a player bets on the game and loses when it loses, as well as the totality of choices that the player has combined by betting a certain amount on them.
The outcome is the result of a sporting event to which the bookmaker has assigned a gain factor. I think these terms are clear, and nothing needs to be explained. Check in on bet365 usa

Types of bets

Single – bet on 1 outcome of the event. Winning at a single bet is equal to the product of the bet amount by the coefficient.

System – a set of express trains, which is a complete enumeration of options of one-size express trains from a fixed set of outcomes. The amount of the bet for each express (system variant) is the same and the number of outcomes in each express is the same. The win in the system is equal to the sum of the winnings in the express trains included in the system.